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Carpet Tiles


Carpet Tiles from Paynters Flooring Services.

Paynters Flooring Services provide a comprehensive range of Commercial and Contract Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are available in various qualities, styles and colours;-

Type of manufacturer

Fibre Bonded Carpet Tiles - Needle punch carpet tiles are constructed using fibre webs compacted and interlocked, using barbed felting needles. Different effects, such as corduroy, rib or hobnail designs can be produced. Fibre bonded tiles are generally extremely hard wearing and are popular in Schools/Colleges. Large colour pallets are available in some ranges. Tiles are available at relatively low costs. Well known ranges are Heckmondwike Supacord and Broadrib carpet tiles and Burmatex Cordiale and Academy carpet tiles. We also supply and install the full range of this style of carpet tile from Rawson Carpets, Jospeh Hamilton & Seaton, Marlings, and several other UK distributors. 


Rib Effect Fibre Bonded Carpet Tile

Flat Finish Fibre Bonded Carpet TileVelour Finish Fibre Bonded Carpet Tile

Structure Bonded Carpet Tiles - These are very similar to Fibre Bonded tiles detailed above, however the surface finish has very specific high/low points generally in a linear form to create a more textured surface finish. Ranges in this style include Burmatex Zip, Lateral and Code carpet tiles and creative ranges from Heckmondwike such as Montage, Array and Night Sky carpet tiles.


Structure Bonded Carpet Tile

Structure Bonded Carpet TileStructure Bonded Carpet Tile

Flocked Carpet Tiles - A smooth velour like surface produced from fine densely packed synthetic fibres such as Flotex.

Tufted Carpet Tiles- the most common type of construction where the pile fibre is tufted into a web and then bonded to a backing material. Tufted carpet tiles are available in loop pile, cut pile, cut & loop, plain, textured, and a mulititude of colours. Prices vary considerably from entry level up to high end price points. 


Low Level Loop Carpet TileRandom Lay Loop Carpet TileLow Level Loop Carpet TileRandom Lay Loop Carpet TileLinear Effect Carpet Tile

Printed Carpet Tiles- generally a tufted tile that has a colour/design printed onto the surface finish. Companies like Milliken offer extensive designs in this style of carpet tile.

Printed Carpet TilePrinted Carpet Tile

There is also a vast array of design and colour available across the different types of manufacture, fibre and construction. Some combinations provide greater flexibility and choice of design whereas others provide more simple design and colour with extremely hard wearing characteristics at lower price points.


Different types of backing help to enhance the comfort underfoot, the durability and the environmental credentials of your chosen carpet tile solution. Bitumen backing is still widely used in the manufacture of carpet tiles, however PVC and other synthetic or cushioned materials are now being used to improve the overall performance and comfort of modern carpet tiles.


Many carpet tiles are manufactured using recycled materials to provide you with the best possible BREEAM rating including recycling opportunities and the end of the floorcoverings use.


We would be happy to advise on the type of carpet that best fits the specific requirements for your particular installation.

We have key accounts with the major UK suppliers of Contract & Commercial Carpet Tiles includingDesso,Ege,Gradus,Forbo Tessera,Burmatex,Heckmondwike,Interface,Joseph Hamilton Seaton,CFS,Marlings,Milliken,Modulyss,Paragon,Rawson, Sommer.

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