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Linoleum and Marmoleum Flooring

Linoleum and Marmoleum Flooring by Paynters Flooring Services.


Linoleum FlooringLinoleum FlooringLinoleum FlooringLinoleum FlooringLinoleum Flooring

Linoleum is manufactured from natural raw materials, the majority of which are rapidly renewable and a high percentage of which are from recycled content. Linoleum is sustainable, durable and extremely hardwearing.


In addition to the standard finish options, linoleum can also be acoustic rated to help reduce impact sound from general footfall, or conductive to provide protection against static build-up for the safety of personnel, or to protect sensitive equipment or materials.


There are hundreds of colour options available along with a wealth of innovative design capabilities. Linoleum is manufactured in several design options including solid, marbled and linear. Linoleum can also provide bespoke design options using the aquajet technology where logos and design are precision cut to create unique effects.


Most linoleum floors have a UV cured finish that provides long lasting appearance retention and low maintenance costs.


Linoleum or Lino, and it’s brand name Marmoleum, comes in both tile and sheet products, and is suitable for use in most commercial environments. It is used extensively in museums, education and health environments.


The two main manufacturers of Linoleum to the UK are Forbo and Tarkett and have the following ranges.


Marmoleum Solid – Incoporating the ConcreteCocoaPianoSlate & Walton designs.


Marmoleum Marbled – Incorporating the Real, Vivace and Fresco designs.


Marmoleum Linear – Incorporating the Striato Original, Striato Colour and Striato Texture designs.


Marmoleum Modula – A limited range of tiles incorporating the Modular Shade, Modular Colour, Modula Marble and Modular Lines designs.


Veneto XF – Marbled design with over 60 colours.


Etrusco – Tarketts Solid colour range.




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